Listening In On Baby Monitor Conversations. Fair Game or Foul Play?

Baby Monitors And Insecure Radio Channels... Who Else Knows Your Business?

I guess I’d never put much thought into the whole baby monitor thing, but in retrospect it seems obvious that a cheap radio-based device like that would offer little to no privacy.

My personal experience was with walkie talkies when moving from the SF Bay Area back to Canada. We had two vehicles and stayed in touch via walkie talkie, but constantly picked up chatter along the way from business etc.

It seems that some friends of mine have decided to keep their baby monitor active despite their kids growing beyond its need. The reason? They’ve found it to be a good tool for keeping tabs on the neighbourhood. Nothing on TV? No problem, just turn on the monitor and see if there’s any drama across the street or over the back fence.

Clearly there are ethical issues at play here – what do you think, is it wholly the parents to blame, or should the manufacturers address the issue so there is no temptation?

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