Uncommon Goods – Aggregator Of Kid Stuff

Pee and Poo stuffed toys. Teach your children about things you'd rather not talk about.

Ok, only one post today… it was a long day at the office.

I stumbled across Uncommon Goods this evening and while I’m not thrilled with their design (I’ve become spoiled by the ‘too cool for school’ slick designs on so many sites in this category) the collection of items is great. Aside: I noticed some wrybaby.com items scattered about so they MUST have good taste ;)

Anyway, these are my favourites:

Parental Commentary Snapsuits featuring taglines like “my dad’s a geek,” “my mom’s a fox” and “props to pops.”

A Persistent Pigeon Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus book set.
Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus? Why not? What if he/she has a license? All excellent questions (posed by yours truly) and all secondary to the fact not only do you get the book, but they throw in a blue pigeon filled with beans. Score!

World’s Most Terrible Monster Leonardo Storybook and Toy
Raises even more questions in my mind than the pigeon book, and comes with a cooler plush.

Pee and Poo Plush Dolls
3000% awesome. Buy these for your friends, gift them without their boxes and reveal their true identities months later. “I’ve been letting my kid play with what?!?!” Oh man, good times.

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