Construction Toys You Wish You Had

Get your little engineer off to a strong start. Wooden digger and combi-car with digger front.

Some of you might be good engineers today, but imagine the success you’d be if your parents had sprung for some of the items on offer from Holz Toys. Not only do these things actually work and allow your kid to mimic the big boys… but the kid’s SUPPOSED to ride on them.

Wooden Digger
While the kid in the photo appears pretty comfortable with his new toy something tells me this thing could quickly separate the top 5% percent (in terms of coordination) from the “others.”

CombiCar With Digger Front
If Jr. struggles with the Wooden Digger maybe you should consider this one. Not only does it look easier to manipulate, I suspect it will also help build up the forearms.

Wonder how much they cost to ship from the UK?

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