Who Doesn’t Heart Guts?

Internal organ-themed plush toys, artwork and clothing. Spleeny!

I mean seriously… we all need them… they’re soft, colourful and we wouldn’t get far without them. So why not let your kids *heart* guts as well? I can think of a few reasons, but I won’t dwell on them here today.

I Heart Guts offers a selection of artwork, clothing and toys that support the ‘entrails’ theme of this post. As usual I’ll let you explore the bulk of their offerings, but will feature a few of my favourites here. Prepare yourself for some mildly disturbing children’s gifts.

I’m a Liver Not a Fighter – Liver Baby T-shirt.

I Heart My Uterus – Heart and Uterus Drawing.

Plush Internal Organs set.

Moderately creepy? Sure.
Worth it for the expression on the recipient’s face? Absolutely.

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