What’s Harder Than Buying A Gift For A New Baby?

Fun twins, triplets clothing. Bacon and eggs, salt and pepper... you get the idea

Buying a gift for two new babies… especially if they’re twins.
Close friends of mine welcomed identical twin daughters into the world just a couple weeks ago and I have to admit that I have yet to find the perfect gift to send them. Correction, I HAD yet to find the perfect gift to send them. For anyone out there looking for an offering for twins (identical or otherwise) I suggest you read on below.

Ok, this company doesn’t ship to Canada right now, but it does sell its goods through a number of Canadian vendors so if you’re interested they’re still worth a shot. Of particular interest are the “First Born / Runner Up” snapsuits and the “Stop Copying Me / Stop Copying Me” snapsuit bundles. $39.00 isn’t bad… at least I don’t think its bad… but what do I know, I don’t have twins. The real challenge will be having to decide this early in their lives which one will be the First Place child and which will come in a distant Second ;)

*Twinkle* Kids
I almost lost the URL to this site so consider yourselves lucky. This one’s got a ton of twins-related stuff at pretty much the same price as WryBaby.com (just a bit more expensive). Ok, they’ve got the Salt & Pepper Twin Shirts, the Bacon & Egg Twin Shirts (perfect for vegetarians / vegans), the Milk & Cookies Twins Shirts, A Little Bit Country / A Little Bit Rock & Roll… heck, they’ve even got a set for triplets (divine entity forbid you should be blessed with triplets) over here with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ok, that’s it for now. Don’t even pretend I didn’t just save your gift-giving behind with this one :)

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